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Welcome! Thanks for visiting my PUBLIC ART world! You are currently viewing my BLOG, which lists recent news/projects only. Please visit my fabulous website (www.kayaplin.com) to see my public art work. And DO NOT MISS my even more fabulous website The Ceramic House (www.theceramichouse.co.uk) – an ambitious project that is turning my house into a living showcase of my work.

I specialise in creating permanent installations in architectural ceramics, glass and mosaic. My background is in site-specific work for the public realm. Since graduating in 1995, I have had many commissions around the UK and internationally, producing a distinct range of art works that have stood the tests of weather and time. I also undertake private commissions for domestic spaces (interiors and gardens).

Whilst continuing to work on public and private commissions, I am developing my ongoing project The Ceramic House, which is, effectively, a showcase of my work and provides the opportunity for me to show my ceramic/glass/mosaic installations in context. Each May The Ceramic House converts into a gallery where I curate a show of contemporary ceramics in the context of my installations.  The Ceramic House WON BEST OPEN HOUSE 2013!

My work responds to the environment for which it is intended. The concept or narrative is evolved from place and recurring themes are found in observing detail and pattern within nature and architecture. My work is very tactile and sensory, inviting the passer-by to touch, as well as look, giving an interactive quality to a visually stimulating piece. Colour, texture and ambitious scale are defining features of my work. Stoneware ceramic provides the durability necessary for external installations, which I often combine with other materials such as mosaic, glass, concrete and stone.

You can reach me on: kay@kayaplin.com 07803 161313

Website: www.kayaplin.com with all my commissions, public and private

The Ceramic House website: www.theceramichouse.co.uk

Follow me on twitter @kayaplin

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jkayaplin

I’m on LinkedIn

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